Wild One

51m 54s

In 1977, Philippe Ribiere was born in Martinique and diagnosed with Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome. Abandoned by his parents, he was left at the hospital, where he spent the first four years of his life and underwent a series of arm and leg operations. He is alone and different. At the age of 4, he was taken to France and adopted by a French family. In 1994, Philippe discovered climbing, which offered a greater challenge to him that it would have to others. Through climbing, he also discovered how to turn his handicap into an advantage, and so made his way into society. The story of Philippe Ribiere is a story of loneliness, a search for answers, and the discovery of what it means to be different. It is a story of courage, will, fearlessness, freedom, a search for love, and the ability to overcome the impossible. Voir moins