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47 Below

50m 57s

47 Below is the astonishing true story of how one Australian (Geoff Wilson) boldly embarked on a solo, unsupported crossing of Antarctica. The experts gave him no chance of success – all saying that it was an impossible challenge for a rookie adventurer.Following in the footsteps of history’s greatest polar explorers such as Robert Scott, Douglas Mawson and Roald Amundsen, Geoff sets himself the incredible goal of dragging his pink ‘boobsled’ across 3,400 kilometers of the most brutal terrain on earth. His goal was to complete a Coast to Coast crossing of the continent. Unlike these great explorers of the past, Geoff goes into this expedition with virtually no polar experience. To survive he must battle ferocious blizzards with winds exceeding one hundred kilometers per hour, frostbite, deadly crevasses, loss of food and key equipment, and Antarctica’s terrifying isolation.What unfolds is a gripping and inspiring story of polar survival and the incredible power of the human spirit when faced with almost impossible odds.