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Results for «Marine Mammals»

Animal Society - Episode 2

23m 42s

We explore the Animal Kingdom and look closely at how animal tribes/families live together. The family dynamic – the role of mum and dad, the competition and bonding between the offspring, when do they leave their patch/home to start their own ? We see common themes in how animal families work and live together, protect each other and then go off to fend for themselves across a range of species.

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HMS Victory - The Nations Flagship

53m 16s

On 7 May 1765 the HMS Victory was floated out of Chatham’s Royal Dockyard. She would become the most famous ships in the British Royal Navy and achieve everlasting fame as the flagship of Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson in Britain’s greatest ever naval victory, the defeat of the French and Spanish at the Battle of Trafalgar.

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War Machines - S01 E04 - Ruling the Waves

50m 07s

The ongoing battle for domination of the seas has been one of immeasurable devastation and technological innovation. Wooden hulls were encased in iron, sails replaced by some of the most powerful engines ever built, and cannons outgunned by missiles capable of toppling empires. From the most deadly submarines ever seen to the infamous destroyers of the Second World War, this episode is the story of what it takes to rule the waves.

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Under The Sea THE GREAT BARRIER REEF Episode 3

51m 45s

In the final episode charting the journey of Naturalist and Conservationist Iolo Williams across the Great Barrier Reef, Iolo examines the changing face of the reef over the past 15 thousand years, building a picture of how the reef was formed, meeting the creatures and communities who have lived alongside it in harmony, and asks what part we can all play in the reef’s future.

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Ulysses' Last Journey: Sharing Water

51m 17s

Just like Ulysses who travelled all over the Mediterranean Sea, this documentary collection will take you on an Odyssey through ancestral and amazingly territory and its biodiversity. Through three chapters involving “Water”, “Biodiversity” and “Energy” we’ll discover how to better take advantage of our natural resources while protecting the environment! A topic of great importance that will not go unnoticed today!

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The Perseus Survivor

54m 46s

The documentary drama tells the story of the only man who survived the wreckage of the World War II Submarine HMS Perseus, which sank unnoticed in 1941. With the help of a team of historians, famous underwater wrecks researcher, writer and professional diver Richie Kohler tries to understand why a simple submariner got involved in the transportation of a secret cargo as part of the high-end spy games between the Axis and the Alliance.

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