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Results for «Conservation»

Sustainable Futures - Transport

23m 57s

The transport sector has long been known as a major source of pollution affecting the air, damaging our health, animal life and the environment. Cars are a major source of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Road transport is responsible for the emission of hydrocarbons, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, metals and a variety of organic compounds into the environment. Emissions are higher when there is a concentration of traffic levels.

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Colour Change

53m 45s

In Papua New Guinea's remote Western Province the landowners are in a complex struggle with a multinational over their rights and their environment.

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Under The Sea THE GREAT BARRIER REEF Episode 2

51m 29s

In a bid to understand if the Great Barrier Reef will survive Naturalist and Conservationist Iolo Williams looks at the devastating effects of coral bleaching and tropical cyclones, but also uncovers incredible signs of regeneration and an abundance of marine life which continue to thrive despite the threats, giving him hope for the survival of the myriad of life on The Great Barrier Reef.

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