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The Taking

1h 16m

Two strangers must discover a way to escape a sinister family who wishes to sacrifice their souls to an evil presence.

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Lily Grace : A Witch Story

1h 24m

After the death of his estranged father, Ron returns to his childhood home. Haunted by feelings of guilt, convinced this entity has something to do with his father's passing, he stays to uncover the truth behind the witch named Lily Grace.

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The Evil Inside

1h 54m

An American playboy travels to his family's ancestral estate in Tuscany to claim his inheritance, only to discover that his true legacy is a blood curse.

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Plank Face

1h 30m

A man is taken captive by a feral family in the deep woods. They are determined to transform him, body and mind, into one of their own -- whether he likes it or not.

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1h 12m

Upon news of her uncle's death, Kate must return to her family home in the tiny rural village of Brackenmore, where the eccentric, wary residents are hiding a dark secret that entangles Kate in a dangerous, cultish design.

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1h 32m

It's London, 1892 and Defendant 47 is on trial. His judge and lawyers are asking him questions that he apparently cannot answer. He only can remember a few details, where he's been lately and glimpses of a horrible past.

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Bloody Shadows

1h 29m

Alice and Max work at night for a big import-export company. During one of their shifts, while watching CCTV recordings, they notice an alarming shadow walking through the hallway. Fascinated by the unknown they decide to investigate.

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1h 10m

When the embodiment of evil rises to destroy Earth and all that we know, can the human race defend itself or will it succumb to the forces of evil. When you enter the world of this terrifying new anthology, things are never what they seem.

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