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Restoration Garage

The Big Day

43m 05s

The multi-million dollar Bugatti Aerolithe goes to Kuwait to be unveiled to the rich and famous at the most prestigious car museum in the world. A 91 Camaro comes in for a total overhaul and owner David gives apprentice Ian the chance of a lifetime: rebuild the one-of-a-kind rocket-powered Turbosonic and launch it at a show, where an even bigger surprise awaits him.

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Going South

43m 29s

When owner David Grainger invites Paul to an elite car auction in the United States, Paul is plagued with passport issues. A 1959 Caddy with more problems than anticipated rolls in with a looming deadline and The Guild discovers some new clients have been duped into buying a disaster on wheels.

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Wheeling and Dealing

43m 24s

When David takes Alex to Hershey to learn the ropes about Concours the timing couldn’t be worse. The Bugatti boys are working against the clock to finish the Aerolithe before the owner sees it for the first time, but the pressure doesn’t stop there. Paul pulls together the grease monkeys and body shop boys to get a ‘66 pimped-up Oldsmobile Tornado out the door for a client who wants it pronto.

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Taking a Gamble

42m 58s

The turf war between new welder Dave and Guild veteran Jay is raging when owner David orders the rivals to join forces on the horror-movie star The Car. Paul gambles his son’s education fund on a ’71 Fiat and a Porsche 912 while David blows a gasket to get the Bugatti painted.

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Knuckle Busters

42m 37s

The Guild is under the gun! The restorers are asked to find a way to save the life of a 1953 cartoon car with a rotten body while Mustang mania forces Paul to pull all the guys onto a 1967 classic. Jay’s Bugatti burnout gives rising restoration star Alex a crack at building the most difficult part of the multi-million dollar car.

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Turning Up The Heat

42m 52s

Things get ugly when new guy Dave meets alpha metal man, Jay. The Guild’s car whisperer Larry Hughes makes a client’s lifelong dream come true when a 1972 GTX Roadrunner shows up at the shop. Owner David meets Rocketman and goes for a jet-fueled ride before duking it out at an auction on a one-of-a-kind Swiss car.

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Instant Replay

42m 45s

Big Brother is watching while The Guild reaches a boiling point. Body shop apprentice Ian explodes after being taken off his favourite model: a 1970 Datsun 510. Jamie’s position is questioned when the multi-million dollar Bugatti Aerolithe is damaged. Manager Paul’s new Porsche flipping project gets scratched and owner David tries out his latest $300,000 purchase.

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The Italian Job

42m 27s

A dented ‘69 Alfa Romeo becomes a great excuse for a cosmetic overhaul while the guys play the name game with a bouncing ‘61 Econoline. Alex struggles to find the source of the Bugatti’s failing engine and owner David attempts to help his buddy Larry start his new 2003 Ferrari Spider.

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Dream Cars

42m 29s

David Grainger asks his team to do the impossible; recreate a car that went missing more then 70 years ago from one of the most flammable metals on earth. A man with a dream rolls into The Guild looking to transform his Lincoln Continental into a killer movie car from the 70s. Can the team manage two huge total recreations and deliver a long time restoration classic, a ‘63 Thunderbird, to its owner on time?

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