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West of Eden

2h 00m

The affluent farmer's son is everything Billy desires. The farm is everything the head drover wants. A story of forbidden love, revenge and a family torn apart, inspired by true events.

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Sam & Janet

1h 30m

Sam has been in high demand since the end of his miserable, six year marriage. He's smart, good looking and athletic, but his search for a relationship has come up empty. Until he meets and falls in love with Janet. Together, they embark on a perfect one year relationship. Sam fights it, but if he's ever going to give marriage another shot, Janet's the one... Until he discovers their entire existence has been one big lie.

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For All Eternity

1h 43m

Fanny is training in Vienna when she meets Yunlong a Chines policeman. The two form an instant connection and against the wishes of everyone else in her life, Fanny moves to China to be with him. Soon afterward, however, the cultural revolution in China forces the two into hiding to escape persecution by the communists. Yunlong is eventually caught and imprisoned, leaving Fanny alone in a foreign land with no idea what it will take for her to survive.

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Cerulean Blue

1h 12m

An introvert's urgent road trip to reclaim his lost love is derailed when he meets a free-spirited woman who challenges all of his ideals

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