Nicholas And Alexandra The Letters Episode 1

50m 10s

A feature-length documentary, walking in the footsteps of the “Diggers”, who in 1942, against all odds, preserved Australia’s freedom. A stunningly filmed, modern telling of the Kokoda story and its significance in the Pacific War. An exploration of the enduring spirit that sustained the In this episode we reveal the obstacles Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra overcame during what was a rather unconventional start to their Royal relationship. But having survived the challenges of a long-distance relationship as well as incompatible religious upbringings, their relationship blossomed and the two were eventually married as the young Tsar assumed control of the Russian Empire. The eventual birth of a son with a debilitating illness allowed a controversial holy man known as Rasputin to penetrate the inner circles of the young Romanov family. And so the cracks began to appear. A complete lack of understanding of the needs of an increasingly angry Russian people was clear in the thousands of letters the couple sent each other in their early years. And as Tsar Nicholas headed to the front to lead his troops as the country descended into war, his disconnect with the country grew ever further. Though their love letters did not end, the country’s patience did, and the future began to look uncertain for the Emperor of Russia.