Acción y thriller

AFLAM plus

The Gypsy

2h 18m

Abu Doma kidnaps children and ransoms them back to their parents or sells them if the parents can't pay the ransom. During one of his operations, he returns the wrong girl to Hassan, who raises her with his adopted son Fathy. Salma, Hassan's real daughter, grows among the gypsies.

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The Monkey Trainer

1h 20m

Young thief Fattouh meets Master Bayoumi while he's in prison. After he gets out of prison, he returns to fraud, when the police chases him, he hides at Master Bayoumi who teaches him to train monkeys, and gives him the monkey Simsm to train him to steal.

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3h 04m

After the Egyptian president is ousted on the 30th of June, a group of protesters, consisting of both supporters and dissenters, is locked together in a police prison truck where the turmoil that the country is going through is reflected in this confined space.

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3h 17m

Regatta (Amr Saad) is engaged in several illegal activities with businessman Sari (Mahmoud Hamida). Regatta gets a quarter of a million pounds in one operation, which will allow him to travel with his mother to Italy ,then he discovers the betrayal of Nasra, the wife of his brother Awad by chance.

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Sorry for the Disturbance

1h 56m

Hassan (Ahmed Helmy) is a devoted aeronautical engineer who is so busy with his job. He falls in love with Farida and turns to his father (Mahmoud Hamida) for advice, while his mother opposes his way of life. As events unfold, there is an unexpected surprise.

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The price

1h 35m

(Safwat) hires (Magdy) a hardworking cab driver to assassinate the novelist (Jalal Mahmoud) on the grounds that he is an atheist,which cause him to enter a cycle of confusion. At the same time, (Dima) a Syrian refugee and Safwat's wife suffers from his cruelty and exploiting her and wants to leave him.

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Girls In Trouble

1h 44m

A businessman invites five friends, Rabab, Abir, Dina, Zizi and Nour to his home to celebrate the birthday of one of them. Then he drugs one of them ,rapes her and causes her death. When her brother finds out, he is shocked to the point of insanity. He decides to take revenge on her friends.

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Rouh's Beauty

1h 38m

With her husband out of the country. Rouh lives in Bolak El Dakror with his mother-in-law. Rouh's neighbors cause her a lot of problems since several of them desire her and want to pressure her into having an affair. As Rouh pushes back against her neighbors' lust, two of them set her up.

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Conflict in the Nile

1h 57m

The people of Luxor decide to buy a new barge to replace the old one that was used for river transport. The mayor assigns the task to Mujjahid who is accompanied by Mohsib. A group of outlaws learn of the plan and their chief, Abu Sufyan, sends his followers to steal the money designated for the new barge.

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A Man in Our House

2h 29m

Ibrahim succeeds in assassinating the prime minister who cooperates with colonialism, he escapes after being arrested and takes refuge in the house of his university colleague, Mohi, who has no political activity, and the family reluctantly accepts having him.

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The Student Cop

1h 50m

Police receives information about the illegal behavior of a group of students in one of the investment universities and that they deal in drugs. ‘Azmy, the police major general, sets a plan to catch those students by implanting the lieutenant Bassiouny among those them. He merges among the students and reveals that they are innocent. Bassiouny succeeds to arrest the real drug dealers whom we find out that they are the managers of the university.

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