Ready to Fly

1h 12m

This is the story of world ski jumping champion, Lindsey Van, and her teammates, who took on the IOC in an epic battle to get women’s ski jumping recognized as an Olympic sport. Since she started ski jumping at the age of seven, Van dreamed of winning an Olympic medal. By the time the Olympics came to her home country of Canada in 2010, she had already won countless competitions, including 13 national championships, and was setting records that beat even the men’s. But the IOC refused to recognise women’s ski jumping as an Olympic sport. The president of the International Ski Federation even claimed that ski jumping ‘seems not to be appropriate for ladies from a medical point of view’. So Van and her teammates decided to sue the organizers of the Vancouver Olympics to force them to include female ski jumping on the basis of gender equality. We follow Van and her colleagues for over 12 years in their struggle for recognition. An inspiring story of a dream worth fighting for.