Ready to Fly

1h 12m

This is the story of world ski jumping champion, Lindsey Van, and her teammates, who took on the IOC in an epic battle to get women’s ski jumping recognized as an Olympic sport. Since she started ski jumping at the age of seven, Van dreamed of winning an Olympic medal. By the time the Olympics came to her home country of Canada in 2010, she had already won countless competitions, including 13 national championships, and was setting records that beat even the men’s.

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Foul Play

54m 51s

Foul Play takes us into the shady world of football match fixing across Asia, where government officials and corporate club owners conspire to ensure that the outcome of the game is determined long before the whistle blows. We follow the story of Simon McMenemy – an English football coach parachuted in to save an Indonesian team after shooting to fame in the Philippines managing their national team.

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37m 24s

In home, stadiums, offices and pubs around the world, there is an ongoing generational debate over whose country had the best sports era. Sabbatical Entertainment settles the debate in this exclusive original production, Maradona and Messi from Argentina, Pelé and Neymar from Brazil, Valderrama and James from Colombia, Chicharito and Hugo Sánchez from Mexico. Their triumphs, defeats, unique characteristics and statistics. Between each of these pairs of stars, who is the best? What unites them?

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Polo in India

52m 53s

Polo was born in India 150 years ago. This film takes us to Rajasthan, holy land of polo, where it remained, for a long time, a Maharadja’s privilege. Guided by Lokendra Singh Rathore, polo champion and husband of the Princess Bhargavi Mewar of Udaipur, we invite you in the Rajput’s palaces where the tradition of polo is perpetuated, then follow the champion on the Jaïpur polo ground, where he will set out to conquer the Simur Cup.

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The FIFA Family - A Love Story

59m 02s

The sporting scandal of the century and the love story behind. Revealing how Qatar got to host the World Cup, and how that brought down FIFA, this is a story of love and broken relationships, of cash-stuffed envelopes and dubious money transfers. Of suppressed investigations and geopolitical trade deals. All of it playing out in the corridors of football stadiums across the world, while we were all watching the beautiful game.

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Magic City Hustle

1h 55m

After you’ve tasted glory in college football, what comes next? This film follows several former players for the Miami Hurricanes who get an unexpected chance to turn pro. Only it’s not playing football. The Magic City Casino is starting a new team of jai alai — the sport popular in Latin America and nearly extinct in the U.S.

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Leather and Ink

1h 02m

Documentary that analyses the changes suffered in the sports press over the years. For a long time, journalists created a generation of sports fans, a generation that idolized athletes regardless of the jersey that they wore. This scenario nolongerexists, the media has shifted to a civil war that certainly has encompassed their readers. As if it were an old medieval epic, the media has exchanged to ball for blood.

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1h 12m

Gallo lost his sight in a fateful accident while he was surfing. He was 39 years old. Far from giving up, he went back to surfing again and in 2016 he has won the World Adaptive Surfing Championship. Gallo wants to prove that people with disabilities can take any challenge they set themselves, and he will face one of the most difficult and dangerous challenges of his life: surfing a big wave.

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All I Need is a Ball

24m 29s

Paloma Pujol, tired of being the only freestyler woman in Spain, challenges herself to open the female category in the Spanish Football Freestyle Championship, but she needs at least four more girls to achieve her goal.

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1h 13m

Manyas is a feature film that shows Club Atlético Peñarol fans, their joys and sorrows… A thousand different ways of expressing their love and unconditional faithfulness to their team: the making of the giant flag, tattoos, songs, trips abroad, among other things. This film includes statements by dozens of fans that fill this special cultural phenomenon with passion, energy, and rhythm.

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57m 00s

This documentary tells the story of the young videogame enthusiasts who form part of a new generation that no longer plays just for fun. Although the reality of this trend has largely been ignored or belittled by many adults, it is a mass phenomenon and not just a niche interest - a phenomenon shared by millions of young people around the world.

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