Doctor in the House | Season 4 | Episode 5

45m 31s

Fergal (45) and Carole (41) Wickham live in Clongriffin, Dublin with their twin daughters Caoimhe and Saoirse (3). The couple have organised their working lives primarily around their girls. Fergal minds the twins during the day and drives a taxi at night. Carole works in marketing and her office is situated at the bottom of their garden. Fergal enjoys cooking and makes meals from scratch but he also enjoys takeaways two to three times a week. Carole unwinds most evenings with a few of glasses of wine. Fergal was once a keen sportsman; he was a competitive swimmer and took part in triathlons. Carole on the other hand never liked sport. Carole has been on medication for anxiety and panic attacks for the last seven years. She is keen to look into the possibility of reducing her medication. Being parents in their 40s the couple are keen to be healthier and fitter so they will be around for Caoimhe and Saoirse as they grow up. After the experts assess the family for a week and carry out tests, Fergal and Carole come to the Consultation Room to hear their results. They find out they are both obese. Fergal learns that he is insulin resistant, a step away from type 2 diabetes and he has fatty liver disease. Carole discovers her drinking is doing her harm and that she ranks in the bottom 5% for fitness for women of her age. Shocked at their results, the couple head home to put their plan into place. How will the next 8 weeks go? What will Daniel discover when he makes an unexpected house visit?