Doctor in the House | Season 3 | Episode 2

46m 11s

Amina and Atif Ghazanfar live in Ashbourne in Co Meath with their 2 children. Seven years ago, Atif was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (a condition that results in inflammation and ulcers in the colon and rectum). Two years ago he was in a coma owing to side effects from his medication. He suffered meningitis in his brain and spine. He ended up in the NRH in Dun Laoghaire and had to learn to walk again. After being monitored, screened and assessed, the Ghazanfars receive the news about their health. Amina hears that she is in the bottom 5% in fitness levels for women her age. She is also in the second stage of obesity. And she is iron deficient. Atif is in the bottom 1% of fitness levels for men his age. Over 8 weeks the experts seek to help the family find a new path.