Donal MacIntyre - Unsolved | Season 1 | Episode 9 | Penny Bell

43m 12s

Penny Bell, a successful mother of two, left home at 9.40am telling the builders, who were renovating her home, that she was late for a 9.50am appointment. She drove into the Gurnell Leisure Centre car park less than an hour later. The hazard lights were still flashing when Penny Bell's body was discovered around noon. She had been stabbed and slashed 50 times in the chest and arms with a long knife. Nine years, a £20,000 reward, 8,000 interviews and 2,500 written statements later, nobody has been convicted of the 42-year-old businesswoman's murder. No record of the appointment she was late for was found in her diary, and it has never been established who she was meeting. She had also withdrawn £8,500 from her and her husband’s joint account the day before her death, which has also never been explained and never been found. She was not sexually assaulted, and her handbag was found undisturbed in the car. Who was she meeting? What was the money for? And why would anyone have wanted to kill her in such a frenzied attack?