Donal MacIntyre - Unsolved | Season 1 | Episode 6 | Claudia Lawrence

43m 49s

35 year old Claudia Lawrence returned home from her work as a chef at the University of York's Roger Kirk Centre. That evening she spoke to her parents by telephone, making plans with her mother to spend Mother's Day together and she later sent a text message to a friend. She has not been heard from since. Years on from her disappearance, police still struggle to establish what became of Claudia. No body has ever been found, and despite the addition of new forensic evidence recovered from her home in 2013, no one has yet been brought to trial. Though she had no known enemies, it has been suggested that she had many “complicated relationships” that she kept hidden from her friends and family. In addition to this, she had ties with a number of people in Cyprus which has led the police to extend their investigations to the small Mediterranean island. Claudia’s passport and bank cards were left behind at her home, indicating that she did not leave of her own accord. Did someone come to her door that evening? Did she go out to meet someone secretly? Who is responsible for her never being seen again?