Donal MacIntyre - Unsolved | Season 1 | Episode 8 | Trevor Deely

41m 16s

Trevor Deely vanished from the streets of Dublin in the early hours of 8 December 2000. His disappearance at the age of 22 was the subject of a high-profile search and publicity campaign, but no trace was ever found. On that wet and wild night there was a taxi strike in Dublin. This was to become significant in the investigation of Trevor’s disappearance as it meant that fewer potential credible witnesses were out and about. Having been at his work Christmas party, Trevor went back to his office in the Bank of Ireland to collect a golf umbrella. He then left the office to walk home at about 3.45am and called his best friend and left a message on his phone. In the minutes after the call, he continued to walk along the Grand Canal and was recorded on CCTV. That was the last time he was sighted. So what happened to him after that? And how could he just disappear without a trace?