Donal MacIntyre - Unsolved | Season 1 | Episode 10 | Caroline Clachan

43m 24s

On the morning of 24 August 1996, the severely battered body of 14-year-old Caroline Glachan was found by a drug addict in the Leven River near Loch Lomond. She was killed in a frenzied attack, her head smashed open. She was then dumped face down in the river. Police described the violence done to her as "brutal" and the callousness of her killer became all too apparent when it was revealed that she was still alive when she was put in the water. She died from drowning. Today, Caroline's killer still roams free. Many believe that he - or she - still lives and socialises in the small tight-knit community of Alexandria in Dunbartonshire. She had gone to meet a new boyfriend. Who was he and, if innocent, why has he never come forward? Also, she was not robbed or sexually assaulted, so what was the motive for this brutal murder?