Donal MacIntrye - Unsolved | Season 1 | Episode 7 | Valerie Graves

40m 50s

Grandmother Valerie Graves, was brutally murdered five days after her 55th birthday. She’d been house-sitting at a £1.6million waterfront property. She was found in her bed by her sister on 30 December 2013 having suffered severe head injuries. It was later revealed that Valerie, who had recently given up her artist studio in the Borders of Scotland to return south to care for her frail mother, was ferociously attacked. A single blow would have been sufficient to kill but she was hit dozens of times around the head with a 16 ounce claw hammer which was found about 800 yards away in a nearby lane. Bosham once featured in an episode of TV drama Midsomer Murders but this real-life killing still lacks a neat conclusion Police do not believe that Valerie knew her killer. Was it a bungled burglary? If so, why was it so violent? And how could the killer, who must have been covered in blood, have escaped notice?