Ben Cropp - Exploring Cape York

52m 04s

The team dive and collect pottery from one wreck, and locate another old wreck loaded with ammunition. They go on a hard trek 25 kilometres inland to locate a magnificent gorge and waterfall perhaps never before visited, as it is so remote and well hidden. Ben saw it from the air years ago and dreamed of reaching it, now he does, but under hardship. The fishing action is fantastic. Barramundi are caught, tuna and mackerel reeled in on the game rods, and then a surprise, a large barracuda so friendly that it allows the team to swim with it and even takes food from their hands. Back into Torres Strait, Bens vessel is joined by a pod of some 200 spinner dolphins that ride the bow and leap and spin. Then to cap off their performance, the school take off, full speed in synchronised leaps, all 200 of them, in the most amazing dolphin spectacle Ben has ever witnessed