Going Places With Ernie Dingo | Season 1 | Episode 1 - Great Barrier Reef

51m 54s

Ernie travels to the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of north-eastern Queensland and meets people who have made this beautiful part of the world their home. He catches up with Yindinji elder Gudju Gudju who shows him the mangrove swamps, explaining their importance to the reef as a nursery for the multitude of fish species that inhabit the reef. At James Cook University, Ernie meets Jamie, a toxinologist who is extremely passionate about his work with the deadly creatures that inhabit the ocean. Jamie shares with Ernie his goal to educate the world with his knowledge, with the hope of protecting our oceans and natural environments. Ernie also takes a scuba dive with diving instructor Erin, and finds out what her job and living on the Reef means to her; and he meets couple Gareth, a skipper, and his partner Teresa, also a toxinologist, who are raising a family on knowing and loving the Reef.