Overland | Season 16 | Episode 8 | The Last of the Incas

52m 22s

The expedition continues through the incredible and extremely dangerous Canyon del Pato. With the help of local peasants, we reach Cajamarca by night, the place where the Incas civilization perished: it was here that Francisco Pizarro garrotted Atahualpa, destroying a rich and glorious empire that had lasted for hundred of years. Leaving the history of the Incas behind us, we go to meet the Indios of the forest: the Chachapoyas people, who have always protected their identity by contrasting the Incas first, and then the Peruvians who are now attracted by the vast gold deposits of their territory. The meeting with a female chief of one of these villages ends in a difficult and dangerous negotiation: having been mistaken for a government spy, Filippo has to demonstrate our innocent intentions. When we reach the coast of the Pacific Ocean, we cover the final kilometres and reach Lima, the capital of Peru and the end of our long and challenging journey that we will remember forever.