Middle East

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The Last Nomads Iran

47m 13s

«The Last Nomads» features the greatest traditional journeys left on Earth as seen through the eyes of the people who still travel on them. From the Zagros Mountains of Iran to the frozen wastelands of northern Siberia, the Sahara to the Himalaya, these beautifully filmed documentaries give a unique insight into the very last human journeys still being travelled as they have been for thousands of years.

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Overland | Season 14 | Episode 8 – Russian Caucasian Republics 2

49m 48s

We have to cross Ingushetia along a corridor that is guarded by the army to reach Chechnya: the signs of the bloody wars have been almost entirely erased and Grozny is full of skyscrapers still under construction and even the most remote towns have been rebuilt from the rubble of the war; but we are able to document the tragic story nonetheless.

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