Overland | Season 16 | Episode 6 | The Road to Machu Picchu

52m 15s

Our objective of reaching the Rìo Manu National Park is obstructed by landslides, flooded roads and and a huge rise in the level of a tributary of the River. It is impossible to go forwards. Not a problem: heading back towards Paucartambo, in the forest we meet the Indios of a Wachiperi village. Although they are tied to their traditions that they try to pass on and keep alive, they welcome improvements offered by modernity like wells, electricity, agricultural and breeding methods. A beautiful sunrise at Tres Cruces reveals the vastness of the Amazon forest that extends for more than 6000 km ahead of us. Before reaching the Ollantaytambo fortress, we find the Maras Salinas, another testimony of the genius of the peoples of the Andes, that has been passed on from generation to generation.