Overland | Season 14 | Episode 6 – Armenia 2

50m 13s

Accompanies by archaeologists we will have the privilege to enter the “oldest cellar in the world” which is 7,000 years old and take part in a series of excavations in search of the Armenia’s most ancient past. We shall then be visiting the Noravank canyon, which is famous for its tall, sheet red sandstone faces nestled amongst which is the eponymous monastery. The Syunik region greets us with its hidden treasures: the fortified Tatev monastery, that we reach with the longest cablecar in the world; the cave city of Khudzoresk; the fascinating Karahunge site, an astronomical observatory that was built more than 7000 years ago by a civilization that had correctly calculated that there were 365 days in a year and that the earth was round thousands of year before Mediaeval Europe. Many other surprises wait us before we leave Armenia.