Overland | Season 14 | Episode 5 – Armenia 1

50m 05s

Under the sever gaze of the statue of Mother Armenia, the capital Yerevan flaunts museums, libraries, art galleries and theatres. We explore the lively day-to-day life along the roads in the city centre and in the markets, we dance in the squares with the Armenians, get to see the production of del brandy di Churchill and artisanal carpets. But the holocaust museum on the Sparrows Hill tells us about the country’s tragic past. Outside Yerevan we discover an open- air museum comprising archaeological sites, fortresses that were built to defend the Silk Road, monasteries dug into the volcanic rock, the khachkar (carved stone crosses), through to the foothills of Mount Ararat, Noah’s mountain, which is sacred to Armenian but which historical events have separated from the country’s territory.