Going Places With Ernie Dingo | Season 1 | Episode 2 - Uluru

51m 12s

Ernie lands in Australia’s red centre in the middle of winter and meets some of the people who live near the iconic “Uluru”. He meets traditional Annangu owner Sammy and his partner Kathryn, and gets an insight into Sammy’s view of this special place. Ernie is also invited by National Parks ranger Melinda and the local Annangu elders to take part in a controlled burn. He learns more about Mal, a woman who has spent the last 10 years of her life working in the shadow of Uluru and getting to know the Annangu people. Ernie meets a group of Indigenous people taking part in a training program that’s been designed to give Indigenous people opportunities to gain employment in the hospitality industry. He is shown around by Leon, a young man who is trying to make his way in the world, and shares with Ernie what he sees as his future. Ernie takes a flight over Uluru with chopper-pilot Dave, seeing the rock formations from above and learning how this adventurous and well-travelled country boy ended up at Uluru.