Doctor in the House | Season 2 | Episode 5 - THE FORTUNES

46m 21s

Emma and her printer husband Ed live in Bray, Co. Wicklow with their three children Josh (14), Charlotte (11) and Noah (5). Emma loves making home made food, but tends to cook foods that are heavy with sauces, and baking cakes is one of the family’s favourite activities. At 5ft 2”, and just over 100kg (15 ½ stone), she thinks if she doesn’t implement a new healthy lifestyle, not just for her own benefit, but for the good of the whole family – now – then they’ll never change. The doctors arrive to examine the family and follow them for a week to decipher what’s going on under the surface. When the family arrives to the studio, they hear some shocking news; Emma is told she is termed as obese, and Ed and 11 year old Charlotte all have high cholesterol, thanks to Emma’s high fat and high sugar cooking. They are also told that 14 year old Josh’s bloods indicated allergies, so they send him off to get a pin prick test in order to discover exactly what he may be allergic to. Over the period of 8 weeks, the Fortunes swap their unhealthy baking for foods that are recommended by the dietician and Josh finds out he has a serious peanut allergy. On a day out in Killruddery in Bray, Dr Nina watches from a secret place as our ‘Cake Seller’ Emma walks around with a tray of delicious cakes to see whether they will stick with their doctors orders, or succumb to temptation… At the end of 8 weeks the family return to see the doctors. What difference will their fitness and blood tests show, and how will this affect their future?