Doctor in the House | Season 2 | Episode 3 - THE KELLYS

46m 33s

Soon to be 40 year old twins Ashling and Aileen still live at home in Kildare with their mum Christine, who has type 2 diabetes. The twins are both overweight and while Aileen’s downfall is chocolate, Ashling relies a little too heavily on alcohol. Both girls have struggled with their mental health in the past and feel their lives need to change drastically, especially with such a big birthday looming. In come the doctors to stalk, screen and assess them. Both Ashling and Aileen are told they are classified as obese, both have high cholesterol and Ashling is told that her scan shows signs of a fatty liver. Both are also advised to start regular therapy sessions in order help them mentally. Back at home, Ashling throws out all of the alcohol in the house, they clear out the cupboards and bin the take away menus. Over the course of 8 weeks, the twins and their mum do their best to follow the doctors orders and stick to their new healthy lifestyle. At the end of the eight weeks, actress Emma knocks on their door under the guise of an employee from a new take away restaurant – who is offering a very temptingly cheap and unhealthy deal. Unbeknown to the twins, Dr Sinead is secretly watching from behind the scenes. Will the twins succumb to the delicious take away deal? Or will they stick to their doctor’s orders? At the end of the 8 weeks the family return to the studio to see just what effect their change of lifestyle has had on their long-term health.