Doctor in the House | Season 2 | Episode 2 - THE RYANS

46m 20s

The Ryans live in Tipperary: 45 year old Fiona, 44 year old Tom, 12 year old Cían, 5 year old Éanna and baby Caitríona. Healthcare assistant Tom works the nightshift in a nursing home and appears at first sight to be fairly fit and healthy, Fiona on the other hand has let weight pile on and at almost 20 stone, she knows it’s time to do something drastic. The Ryans live next door to Tom’s mother Peggy, who shares the cooking with the family. They all enjoy home cooked food, but the problem lies in the size of the portions they’re all eating. After being monitored for a week by our doctors, the Ryans find out what is really going on inside their bodies. Tom is surprised to find out that his cholesterol is much higher than it should be, and Fiona is told that her unhealthy lifestyle is putting huge pressure on her organs – so much so that she finds out that she has non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The doctors tell them that must take urgent measures and give them their Doctors’ Orders. As well as the whole family being given a new eating plan, Tom and Fiona must complete daily exercise. In addition, the doctors want Tom to undergo a ‘sleep study’ to decipher whether or not he has sleep apnoea. Over the next 8 weeks the family work hard to improve their lifestyle. The whole family embrace the new eating plan and exercise plan, but how will they fare when faced with the dreaded Temptation Test….? At the end of the 8 weeks the family are re-tested and they get to find how the change in their lifestyle has affected their health. Will Fiona’s attempts to turn her life around have made a positive impact on her long term health? And will Tom be faced with having to wear a sleep mask for the rest of his life?