A Desert Between Us and Them | Episode 1 | The Refugees

53m 30s

In 1812, Upper Canada's Western Frontier was a sparsely settled peninsula, protruding into the territory of the United States. Fairfield, also known as Moraviantown, was a prosperous settlement inhabited by Moravian Delaware – a Christian First Nations people, who fled persecution in Ohio. The Moravian diaries, written by the Missionary leaders of the community, record the sounds of canon fire coming from Detroit in July, 1812, which herald the beginning of the War. British General, Isaac Brock, and his native allies answer the American act of aggression by taking Detroit. But the British swiftly abandon the Western frontier, when the need to protect more strategic and valuable posts to the east becomes too great. With little hope of defending themselves against the burning and pillaging Americans – thousands of refugees follow the retreating British army. Once again, the Moravians become refugees, and Fairfield is burnt to the ground.