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Eyengui, the God of Dream

1h 25m

This is not fiction, it’s crude reality. This film tells a true story about the customs, problems and enigmas, of one of the most primitive ethnic groups on the planet- the Baka pygmies - as they fight to maintain their way of life. In the depths of the jungle of south-east Cameroon, recreating the scene, we see how a woman and her daughter are kidnapped by sorcerers for the start of a cannibal ritual, the woman is petrified, her face a mask of terror.

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Farewell Dance

1h 58m

A poor maid loves her wealthy young master and she becomes pregnant. The head of the family seeks to make her marry a lawless man to give the newborn girl his name. Time passes and the girl becomes a dancer in nightclubs, and falls in love with a wealthy young man who knows who is her real father .

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Toot Toot

1h 30m

(Karima) a mentally handicapped girl is exploited by people who make her do hard work, until a wealthy man uses her,then leaves her pregnant in the streets. How will she survive?

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Let's Take This Outside

1h 29m

A young man living in a local area, one day finds a book called " Let's Take This Outside" about how each person has many personalities inside of him, and when he reads it, a number of characters emerge that dominate his life and decisions.

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You are my Life

1h 48m

Samir is a hardworking man and his beloved Elham wants to help him work in the land owned by her mother, which is managed by her stepfather. But Roshdy loves Elham also and wants to get Samir out ofof the way. He plans with his mistress to implicate the stepfather in a moral scandal and extort him.

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Prince of Cunningness

2h 10m

Hassan El Hilaly gets imprisoned without judgment after three of his enemies inform the authorities that he is planning to overthrow the Wali. In his cell he meets an old man who befriends him, and tells him the place of a treasure. The old man dies and Hassan escapes to look for the treasure.

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Man of Courage

1h 44m

(Alnamar) a former intelligence man, who is expelled from the service, decides to blackmail senior officials for money. He convinces photographer (Antar) that he is still in service and asks him to video tape a senior official and then tries to get rid of (Antar) by various ways after taking the video.

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The Marxists

52m 09s

Karl Marx was many things: philosopher, journalist, economist and historian. In many ways he was a modern renaissance man. His revolutionary ideas, though, are his legacy. They have literally changed the world. His far-reaching analyses and theories have inspired millions of people to become politically active. 2018 marks the 200th anniversary of his birthday. After the collapse of many socialist regimes Marx seemingly became less popular.

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Gossip Town

1h 38m

Hussein is a shy young man who is deeply in love with his beautiful cousin, Samiha. Samiha, however, is more impressed by her other out-going cousin, Lucy. To fan the flames of jealousy, Samiha's father starts a rumor that Hussein is dating the superbly beautiful actress Hind Rostom.

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Woman In A Whirl

1h 50m

A Struggling nurse has a daughter named Nadia. When the daughter's fiancé dies in an accident , she discovers that her daughter is pregnant. Nadia gives birth to Fathia, but her mother replaces her baby with a dead child. Fathia is raised in the house of the wealthy man Hamdi.

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Chris Dennis - Between Worlds

44m 55s

Born and raised in a rural village on the north-eastern coast of Trinidad, Chris Dennis has a dream: to become a world-recognised surfer. His considerable talent has taken him far, but to become one of the top 100 in his sport, this young man of modest means will need more than just his natural ability. Does Chris have what it takes to go all the way, or is he fated to remain between worlds?

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007 For Our Eyes Only

46m 04s

In anticipation of the premiere of the 25 chapter in the iconic James Bond Saga, based on the novels of British writer Ian Fleming, Sabbatical Entertainment presents FOR OUR EYES ONLY an enthralling documentary in which we will relive all of 007 dangerous mission throughout this legendary cinematic franchise, from the first feature film production in 1962, “Dr. No”, to the highly anticipated “No Time To Die.”

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