Eyengui, the God of Dream

1h 25m

This is not fiction, it’s crude reality. This film tells a true story about the customs, problems and enigmas, of one of the most primitive ethnic groups on the planet- the Baka pygmies - as they fight to maintain their way of life. In the depths of the jungle of south-east Cameroon, recreating the scene, we see how a woman and her daughter are kidnapped by sorcerers for the start of a cannibal ritual, the woman is petrified, her face a mask of terror. Then, a powerful machete blow signals the beginning of the end. We will see how the indiscriminate felling of trees by the logging companies is destroying their habitat. The animals they hunt have fled, new diseases have appeared and, worst of all, the elders have stopped dreaming. They have lost communication with the other world, with Eyengue, their God, who is the jungle itself. The Baka face a desperate situation. Besieged by the Man-eaters, sorcerers who practice ritual cannibalism and who have been contracted by the logging companies to hound them and force them to emigrate, they have no option but to defend themselves. The elders eat iboga, a powerful hallucinogenic, and travel to the world of the spirits. There, the spirit of the “Lords of the Jungle”, the gorillas, tells them what they should do. Organised into several clans, 200 pygmies fight for survival. Little by little, they find their way and seek solutions to an irreversible problem, the destruction of their home. They will have to emigrate to a place even further into the jungle.