Beyond Catalonia - S01 E04 - Faroe

22m 44s

There are hundreds of movements in favour of independence or territorial autonomy in Europe, with diverse circumstances and very different short-term objectives. “Beyond Catalonia” showcases twelve of the most relevant cases; the best known and the most ignored. From the Scottish nationalists, with the parliamentary majority and a population diametrically divided in favour and against staying in the United Kingdom; to the Sami indigenous people, today divided between the states of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia; or the citizens of the Faroe Islands, perhaps the territory most likely to become the next independent state in Europe. The series faces views, motivations and excuses. Trying to understand the reasons behind the conviction of these movements, but knowing that those cannot come before peaceful coexistence. Is it a matter of territorial integrity or is it self-determination? Should one prevail over the other? Or can they coexist?