Bengladesh - Culture of Impunity

29m 51s

Bangladesh, the world's eighth most populous country. While its problems may seem removed from the rest of the world, its military provides the biggest share of UN peacekeepers globally, earning billions for the government. Well known as a nation of endemic poverty and rampant corruption, it's also a country born of a bloody war with Pakistan, enduring what one high US official called the most calculated thing since the Nazis in Poland. "At the time, it was the most horrendous genocide since the Second World War." Shahriar Kabir Now an Islamic state like Pakistan, the country it fought for independence from, minorities are under threat; and crimes against them are rarely punished, like the war crime perpetrators over thirty years ago. Not only religious minorities but the little known indigenous population in the Chittagong Hill Tracts face violent attacks, urged on by extremists. Yet despite its human rights violations, the country still receives European and international aid. Is the country in danger of further becoming an extremist haven or is there hope for a democratic and secular future? This 30 minute documentary features key Bangladeshi activists and experts as well as survivors of attacks across Bangladesh