Doctor in the House | Season 3 | Episode 3

45m 59s

Naomi (52), Philip (53), Natasha (18), Tammy Jo (13) and Natasha’s son Tyler (1 ½) all live together in their family home in Ballymun. The Reilly’s have significant health issues in the house; Cystic Fibrosis, asthma, migraines, low vitamin D levels, possible addiction to painkillers, depression and polyps. The eating habits in the family could do with serious improvement: none of the family eat breakfast at home and their diet lacks fresh fruit and vegetables. Naomi smokes about 60 cigarettes a day, and as well as smoking, Philip drinks relatively heavily. Although 13 year old Tammy Jo goes cheerleading regularly, the rest of the family are pretty sedentary. Naomi, Natasha and Tammy Jo go back to bed during the day for long naps. The doctors have 8 weeks to help the O Reillys turn their lives around.