Doctor in the House | Season 3 | Episode 1

46m 18s

Laura (28) and John MCKEEVER (34) live in Graiguenamanagh with their four children. Abi 9, Cillian 6, TJ 2 and baby Owen, 13 months. The McKeevers have some extremely poor habits. As well as a startling absence of fruit or vegetables in their diet, Dad John drinks alcohol on a daily basis and smokes 60 cigarettes a day. Both Laura and John’s mothers passed away recently, something that has further increased their concern for their own health. After being monitored, screened and assessed to within an inch of their unhealthy lives, the family find out the true state of their health. The news is not good. Over 8 weeks the family work hard to improve their lifestyle – there are a few hiccups along the way.