Days Of Light

1h 27m

A solar storm batters Central America for 5 days. There are no telecoms and the electrical power disappears from the map. In Guatemala an aircraft survivor is rescued by an indigenous couple in a small town in the mountains where they have never had electricity. Two cultures will unite realizing that they are not so different. In a skyscraper infested Panamanian metropolis, two different social classes are stuck together when a millionaire housewife is trapped in her 60th floor penthouse with her housemaid. In El Salvador, a woman sets out with her grandson on a race against time, to be able to get to her daughter who is in a critical state in the hospital. In the beautiful Ometepe Island in Nicaragua a teenage girl whose parents migrated to the United States a few years ago, will fight to celebrate her quinceañera in the middle of the power outage. She will learn the importance of friendship and family, while in Honduras a detached couple will be forced to find each other again, just like in their early marriage years, when they lack of technology to distract them anymore. And in Costa Rica, a pastor and his daughter take advantage of the chaotic and apocalyptic situation by proclaiming God talks to them about the reason behind this phenomena. Fear, friendship, and love are born under the shelter of the encounter with the others, while the skies are lit by tropical lights never seen before.