Dog's Night

1h 22m

Is Saturday night. Enzo works in a residential parking garage. Richard is his best friend and has a lot of work to do for his father`s law firm. Enzo calls Richard and convice him to go out and have a few drinks. Before going to the bar, Enzo takes a Mercedes Benz from the garage to hang out and persuades his friend to go with him. They arrive at the bar and hang out with the bartender, Angie, who has feelings for Richard, but he is too slow for her. After a few beers, the guys get out of the bar and they find out that the car got stolen. In a rush, they call Matias, a friend who always has a solution for everything. He takes them to a dark warehous of that neighbourhod to ask for help to Luis, a local mobster but they realice that the mobster is the owner of the Mercedes. Luis is ready to kill the guys, but he decide to send them to a misión and make use of the guys. He ask them to go to his ex wife house and kidnap his old dog that she took when they got divorced months ago. To persuade her, the guys take with them a big bag of cocaine and hope to distract her while they search her house for Bobby, the dog. But, the car’s owner is a violent mobster that turns their night into a nightmare, even though they just want to have fun.