The Sky is not the Limit: The Chris Hadfield Story

43m 12s

A visually stunning documentary filmed primarily in 4K, following Astronaut Chris Hadfield. This farm boy has always had a passion for flying – but for him the sky is not the limit! In June of 1992 Chris was selected from 5330 applicants to become one of a chosen few. He was assigned to Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas where eventually Hadfield became NASA’a Chief CapCom, the voice of Mission Control to Astronauts in orbit for 25 shuttle missions. In 2013, he commanded the International Space Station. With five astronauts, he ran scientific experiments exploring impacts of low gravity on human biology. Chris became an Internet star by videoing life on the space station – from taking extraordinary pictures of the Earth, to playing his guitar and singing David Bowie’s ‘Space Odyssey’ – with a real music video IN space! Chris developed a huge worldwide social media following (currently 1.38 million Twitter followers), and truly renewed the public’s fascination for space exploration. Go behind the scenes to understand NASA training and get an incredible view of planet Earth through the eyes of an astronaut. Packed with unforgettable images of NASA’s scientific advancements and the wonders of the universe beyond, this film holds a very human story at it’s core – exploring the character, creativity and drive of one of the world’s most interesting and talented citizens – Colonel Chris Hadfield.