Ciudad Juarez: Cartel Wars

50m 34s

In the past ten years, more than 200,000 people have been murdered in Mexico. Most of the victims came from the streets of Ciudad Juarez, near the US border, where the rival La Línea and Sinaloa cartels fight over control of the cocaine market to America. For several months, journalist Alejandro Delval infiltrated the La Línea cartel, following the cocaine trail from Ciudad Juarez to New York. First the drugs cross the border towards El Paso, Texas, where they are stored for a few days before being shipped to major American cities like New York, Las Vegas or Los Angeles. To combat these cartels, the Mexican authorities have deployed more than 250 federal police officers throughout the region. On the US side, border guards patrol relentlessly. But nothing seems to make a difference. Filmed at high risk, this report gets to the heart of the Mexican-US drugs trade.