A Model Adventure Season 1 Episode 4 - Yacht Race

52m 00s

Kate is an inexperienced sailor, so to be a crew member on the Ricochet race team as part of the Sydney to Mooloolaba Yacht Race is a great challenge. To prepare for the race Kate first learns the basic principles of sailing on a much smaller version of Ricochet – a Hobie Cat in Sydney Harbour. Her first sailing lesson is conducted by sailing world champion, Josh McKnight. Her lesson was going well until she confused her “push” and “pull” and capsizes the boat. Undeterred, Kate carries on and prepares for the race ahead. The race starts well and despite being overwhelmed by ropes, Kate follows her skippers’ instructions and they make it out of Sydney Harbour without incident. There is warning of a major cyclone heading towards the coast of Queensland, which seems odd as during the first day there is very little wind, but it means that on day two Ricochet’s main competitor, Morticia “retires” from the race due to the lack of wind heading north, and the approaching cyclone. Ricochet is in the same predicament, so they have to make the disappointing decision to head back to Sydney. With wind still an issue, it’s not an easy sail back to Sydney, but as they sail into the iconic Harbour Kate ascends the mast for a dramatic entrance before cracking open a celebratory bottle of champagne. The next day Kate appears at Randwick Racecourse to resume her real life role of MYER Ambassador at Derby Day.