A Model Adventure Season 1 Episode 3 - Jungle Endurance

52m 00s

Kate arrives into Cairns where it is overcast and humid, she meets Jesse who talks her through the adventure ahead that features mountain-biking the Bloomfield Track, an offshore kayak expedition and a jungle run from the Daintree back to Port Douglas. The adventure starts an hour north of Cape Tribulation in an Aboriginal community called Wujal Wujal where Kate & Jesse get a blessing from the local elders. Equipped and ready to go, they start their mountain biking adventure, which involves crossing a fast-flowing river and grueling hills back to Cape Trib. The route is TOUGH and means they are late back, forcing them to construct their tents in the dark. In the middle of the night, disaster strikes as tropical winds and rain beat down on the camp with such ferocity Kate & Jesse are forced to evacuate. Escaping to the safety of the crew house, they revisit the scene in the morning to find the tents submerged. Kate and Jesse grab their possessions, mostly wet, and head off again for their second day of adventure – offshore kayaking. The ocean kayak trek takes them offshore around the Cape Trib headlands so they have to navigate reefs, waves and rocky shorelines. That evening they wander down to the creek to drop in a mudcrab pot keeping an eye on the crocodiles known to live in the creek. Next day, they get ready for their jungle run, and then the heavens open. It takes all day to complete the 20km Daintree run that takes them through the rainforest, onto beaches, bridge crossings, canefields and tea plantations. The rain is relentless but they take a few fun breaks and make it to the chapel in the centre of Port Douglas, drenched and exhausted in the pitch black.