Luke Nguyens Street Food | Episode 3 | BANGKOK, THAILAND

22m 06s

Luke continues his street food journey venturing into Bangkok, Thailand, with different street food vendors on every corner he stumbles across hidden stalls and characters like Miaw who teaches him how to cook a traditional Thai sweet dessert, Thai Coconut Pudding. Luke needs to be patient as he joins the back of the que waiting amongst the locals for the best Thai Red Pork and rice (Kao Moo Daeng) in town. Luke then meets his friend Ged at a local floating market where she buys a variety of locally caught seafood for him to taste. Walking down one of the oldest street food streets in Bangkok Luke is lured to a tasty satay stall by the aromas from the charcoal grills. Under the watchful eye of Mama, Luke jumps behind the counter of Sor Na Wang where he practises how to cook Mee pad pak kachade.