Collection of Artisans #04 Kyo-yuzen, Kyo-kanoko, and Kyo-nui

19m 58s

Mr. Motoo Kido, a Kyo-yuzen artist, Ms. Kazuyo Kawamoto, a Kyo-kanoko Shibori craftswoman, and Mr. Toshiaki Nagakusa, an embroiderer of Kyo-nui are introduced in this episode. Kyo-yuzen is a technique of painting dye onto cloth. Mr. Motoo Kido is a Kyo-yuzen artist and he is considered the foremost craftsman of this art, and it is often said, his work reflects his soul and emotion as a craftsman. Shibori is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique, also known as tie-dye. Kimono made using the Kyo-kanoko Shibori technique is unique. Ms. Kazuyo Kawamoto is a craftswoman of the Kyo-kanoko Shibori technique. Kyo-nui or Kyoto Embroidery is a handwork that originated in the Heian Era. Mr. Toshiaki Nagakusa, an embroiderer of Kyo-nui, is in charge of restoring ornaments of the floats and making new ornaments when needed. He is a traditional craftsman working on unifying the techniques and technology of Kyo-nui as well as the succession of Kyo-nui.