Collection of Artisans #03 Metal mirror and metal carvings

19m 58s

Mr. Fujio Yamamto, a craftsman making metal mirror and Mr. Toshio Fujibayashi, a craftsman of metal carvings are introduced in this episode. A Makyo is a mirror used for fortune-telling, which originally came from China. Today, there is only one craftsman making these Makyo mirrors: Mr. Fujio Yamamoto. He is the 4th generation owner of Yamamoto Gokin Seisakusho. His workshop is the only place these mirrors are still made by hand according to old traditions. Fittings or articles for Buddhist and Shinto altars have been produced in Kyoto. Fujigen is an ironmongery production factory of Buddhist and Shinto articles. It was founded in the Muromachi Era. Mr. Toshio Fujibayashi is the 17 th generation owner of Fujigen. He’s the only craftsman in Japan who makes alter fittings for famous temples of the Otani, Bukkouji and Takada sects of Buddhism as well as alter articles for Higashi-hongan-ji Temple of the Shingon Otani sect.