Collection of Artisans #02 Lacquer

19m 58s

Mr. Tadahiro Ooya, a lacquerware craftsman and Mr. Yutaro Shimode, a Makie craftsman are introduced in this episode. Kyo-Lacquerware is both elegant and delicate, but it is also a solidly-made craft product. There are Eight traditional techniques of Kyo-nuri, or the creation of lacquerware. Mr. Tadahiro Ooya, has been lacquering for 63 years. He’s mastered the 8 Kyo-lacquer techniques. He has even invented a new application method for the Nunozuri-nuri technique. He is a master craftsman in lacquer. Maki-e lacquers or mother-of-pearl inlay can be produced only by skilled artisans. Mr. Yutaro Shimode, a Maki-e craftsman, is the third-generation owner of Shimode Maki-e Shisho which has a history of over 100 years. He makes Maki-e products and is also skilled at repair and restoration of Maki-e. He basically uses traditional techniques, but also tries to use new ideas and techniques.