Collection of Artisans #01 Textiles

19m 58s

Mr. Kikuo Hirano, a weaver for Nishijin tsumekaki-hon-tsuzure-ori, Mr. Hiroshi Tokunaga, a Kasuri craftsman, and Mr. Hisayuki Kawato, a weaver for Tango Chirimen Fabric are introduced. Nishijin brocade is one of the traditional crafts in Kyoto. There are 12 weaving techniques used for Nishijin-brocade. In order to weave this brocade requires special techniques. One example: The weaver files his fingernail tips into zigzag shape to pick up and cross threads to make beautiful patterns. Mr. Hirano is one of the finest weavers of Nishijin tsumekaki-hon-tsuzure-ori. Kasuriori is another one of 12 weaving techniques used for Nishijin-brocade. He arranges ingrain threads set in very special ladder-like bars called Hashigo which was invented in Nishijin area in Kyoto. Mr. Tokunaga is a special Kasuri craftsman. Tango Chirimen also known as silk crepe is a form of textile made of flat-woven silk. Tension is a key to wave this textile. Mr. Hiyayuki Kawato makes the finest Tango Chirimen fabric.