Donal MacIntyre - Unsolved | Season 1 | Episode 3 | Natalie Pearman

44m 01s

At 3:50am on Thursday 20 November 1992, a lorry driver en route to work discovered the body of a girl in a lay-by at Ringland Road on the outskirts of Norwich, Norfolk. The body was subsequently established to be that of Natalie Jane Pearman, a 16 year old, born on 25 December 1975, who had been working as a prostitute in the red light district of Norwich. Natalie was last sighted alive in Rouen Road, Norwich at 1:15am the same day as she was discovered. The location where Natalie's body was found is some 5 miles distant from the area she had been working as a prostitute. A Post Mortem examination revealed that Natalie had died from asphyxia. Forensic swabs revealed that semen was present in her body and on her under body garments and a DNA crime stain was obtained and loaded onto the national DNA database. The subsequent investigation has interviewed over four thousand people and a large number of men have provided samples for direct DNA testing. To date the DNA profile obtained from the semen has not been matched despite a general search carried out with the National DNA Database.