Under The Sea THE GREAT BARRIER REEF Episode 2

51m 29s

After encountering an abundance of wildlife on his first dives on the Great Barrier Reef Naturalist and Conservationist Iolo Williams delves deeper into the challenges the reef faces. In this episode Iolo sets out to understand the battle between events such as coral bleaching and tropical cyclones which endanger life on the reef and the natural ability of the reef to regenerate, as it has for thousands of years. It’s a battle that reef must win if it is to survive. Iolo sees incredible signs of regeneration on the SS Yongala, an artificial reef, which gives him hope that life can endure beneath the waves, and sees evidence of the reef coming back to life even after the devastating effects of a tropical cyclone. On the journey he continues to swim with some of the reefs most iconic species including Black Rays and a charismatic Potato Cod, and he speaks to a scientist who has dived on the reef his whole life.