Luke Nguyen's France | Episode 5 - Lyon

24m 06s

In the fifth episode of Luke Nguyen’s France, Luke heads to the food capital of France – Lyon. Teaming up with celebrity chef, Grégory Cuilleron, he makes a classic Salad Lyonnaise and explores Lyon’s famous silk tunnels. Luke has an early morning wine with old friend, Momo, before setting up kitchen in the middle of a farmer’s market. The boys wax lyrical on Lyonnaise food culture while creating a dessert inspired by the fruits of spring. Luke checks out some Trompe-l'œil art and is invited into the kitchen of one of France’s most respected chefs, Jean-Paul Lacombe. Finally, Luke learns the secret behind making a traditional chicken liver cake with Arlette, one of Lyon’s most beloved Bouchon cooks.